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Velocity Duet Lift: Your Practical Choice For Convenient Living

When you want both practicality and convenience, choose the Velocity Duet Lift. The Duet provides you with all that you need in a home lift, plus you save on space and cost!

Comfortable, Safe, and Fun!

The Velocity Duet is certified for fun! Its unique design is something you need to experience. Try it and be impressed with just how smooth it goes about bringing you up and down. Power failure? No need to worry about it with our fail-safe design. Emergency battery power kicks in when necessary. The Duet is rated for up to 170 kilograms. You are guaranteed a safe, comfortable and fun ride!

Fast and Easy Installation

The Velocity Duet Lift does not require a lift shaft. This means that it is easy to install – practically anywhere you choose – while costing less too! Because our lifts are made in Australia, you can look forward to a fully functional home lift within two days.

Adaptable to Your Home's Interior

The Duet is also adaptable to your current home interiors. Highlight your home lift or tuck it away in unobtrusive locations. It is designed to blend in easily with your interior design. So, go ahead, get the perfect lift for the home of your dreams!

A World-First, The Affordable Home Lift

The Velocity Duet Lift is also a first of its kind. Its key feature is its size. As small as a Maxwell Smart's phone booth, it does not require a lot of space to add a lot of fun and convenience to your home! Don't believe us? Come see for yourself!

What's more, the cost is considerably low per unit/installation. The Duet adds value to your home without requiring you to invest an arm and a leg. A full-service lift, at this price, is nothing less than amazing! It also runs for less. The typical power usage of your air-conditioning unit is enough to power the Duet.

Excited to get a lift for your dream home? Give us a call today: 0432 375 008. You can also download our Velocity Duet brochure by completing the form at the top of this page.