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Barrier-Free Living

Expertly crafted in Australia, the Compass lift offers a personalised mobility solution for elegant, multi-level accessibility.

The Compass

australian made

Your Australian-Made Solution for Ageless Mobility

Expertly crafted in Australia, the Compass lift blends form and function with its self-supporting steel structure and customisable finishes. This ingenious design allows for seamless architectural integration, ensuring your home’s aesthetic integrity remains intact while introducing a new dimension of refined mobility.

  • Tailored Craftsmanship

    With Australian manufacturing at its core, the Compass lift exemplifies bespoke craftsmanship. From precise sizing options to accommodate any home layout to the ability to customise finishes and features, your lift will be a masterfully tailored addition, perfectly in sync with your unique vision.

  • Self-Supporting Structure

    Engineered with structural integrity in mind, the Compass lift arrives as a self-supporting steel structure, eliminating the need for extensive home renovations. This ingenious design allows seamless integration into your space while preserving the existing architecture and aesthetics.

  • Reduce Building Costs

    The Compass lift's lightweight construction materials and efficient installation process significantly reduce building costs, especially for brick veneer homes. By minimising the need for extensive renovations, homeowners can enjoy a premium mobility solution without excessive expenses.

  • Vertical Versatility

    Whether navigating two floors or three, the Compass lift adapts to your vertical mobility needs with ease. Its adaptable design ensures a perfect fit, connecting all levels of your home and facilitating effortless transition from room to room, floor to floor.

  • Discreet Yet Powerful

    The Compass lift's state-of-the-art motor is strategically located in the roof, ensuring a space-efficient footprint without compromising on performance. This discreet yet powerful system delivers smooth, quiet operation, blending functionality with sophisticated design.

  • Industry Leading Warranty

    Experience peace of mind with the Compass lift's industry-leading warranty. While competitors offer only 12 months of coverage, we provide a 25-year warranty¹ on the motor and gearbox, and a 2-year warranty on all other components, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Ensuring Peace of Mind

With stringent Australian quality control and a 25-year warranty¹ backing critical components, you can stride into the cabin with complete confidence, knowing your wellbeing is our paramount priority.

  • home lift smooth ramp

    Shallow Pit

    A shallow pit option is available to allow the lift to be placed on to an existing concrete slab without a recessed pit. Accomodating  accessibility for all, including wheelchair users and those with mobility constraints, ensuring a seamless experience when entering and exiting the cabin.

  • compass emergency phone

    Emergency Phone

    With an in-cabin emergency telephone system, you’re always connected to immediate assistance, providing added safety and reassurance that help is just a call away, whenever needed.

  • compass home liftts emergency lighting

    Backup Power

    Never be stranded mid-journey with the reliable uninterrupted power backup system. In the event of an outage, this intelligent feature seamlessly kicks in, ensuring operation remains fully functional and mobility is never compromised, safeguarding independence and convenience at all times.

  • home lift evacuation

    Multi In-cabin Self Rescue

    Prioritising your peace of mind, the Compass lift offers multiple in-cabin self-rescue options, ensuring your safety and security in any situation. Our advanced system empowers you to take control, providing the ultimate sense of confidence and independence in your home mobility solution.

  • infrared curtain safety feature

    infrared light curtain

    Protect your loved ones and furry friends with the advanced infrared light curtain technology. This innovative safety feature creates an invisible barrier around the lift, constantly monitoring for any obstructions, pets, or children that may enter its path. If an unexpected entry is detected, the lift gently and securely comes to a stop, preventing potential accidents or injuries. 

Dependable Support

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our comprehensive lift care program, including proactive service scheduling, 24/7 support, and immediate parts availability. 

  • maintenance

    Annual Servicing

    Enjoy uninterrupted lift performance with our annual servicing program, featuring regular checks and immediate access to parts, ensuring your lift operates flawlessly at all times.

  • dedicated service technicians

    Dedicated Service Technicians

    Benefit from the unmatched expertise of our dedicated service technicians, who ensure efficient maintenance with the right genuine parts always readily available.

  • Annual Servicing

    24/7 Assistance

    Gain complete peace of mind knowing our 24/7 support team is always there for you, ready to promptly address any issues and facilitate quick, easy access to parts.

  • warranty assurance

    Warranty Assurance

    Protect your investment with our professional servicing tailored to maintain valid warranty coverage while guaranteeing the availability of genuine parts for any repairs required.

Vertical Versatility for Boundless Movement

Whether your journey spans two floors or three, the Compass lift adapts to your vertical mobility needs with ease. Tailored sizing options and a space-efficient footprint ensure a perfect fit, facilitating smooth transitions between all levels of your residence. With the ability to effortlessly transport heavy items too, this lift expands the boundaries of what’s possible within your multi-level abode.

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Uncompromised Safety, Australian Quality Assurance

Built to exacting Australian standards, the Compass lift prioritises safety without compromise. A 25-year warranty¹ on the motor and gearbox, coupled with stringent quality control, offers unparalleled peace of mind. Furthermore, innovative features like an in-cabin emergency telephone connected to 24/7 support ensure you’re never alone, even in unforeseen circumstances.

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Elevate Your Living Experience Today

Don’t let the challenges of multi-level living hold you back any longer. Embrace the future of sophisticated home mobility by contacting our experts today. With the Compass lift, you’re choosing a tailored accessibility solution that unlocks new realms of comfort, style, and independence within your personal sanctuary.

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Simplifying Your Steps to Better Mobility

Navigating multi-level living has never been easier with our seamless 3-step process, designed to bring the convenience of a customised home lift into your sanctuary.


Personal Consultation

We meet with you to assess your home, mobility needs, and lifestyle. Our friendly home lift specialists will evaluate the best lift type, size, and placement for your situation.


Smooth Installation

Our team handles the complete installation process for you. We install your lift with care to minimise disruption to your home, and tidy up afterwards. 


Ongoing Care

Enjoy your lift knowing we are always here to help. Our Australian team is available 24/7 to provide maintenance, service, and assistance.

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Let's Begin Your Journey to Enhanced Living

Complete our simple quote request form, and our expert team will provide you with a tailored lift solution and pricing for your project.

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How Can We Help You?

From lift installation to long-term benefits, see how easy upgrading your home can be.

    Installing one of our lifts not only enhances mobility and accessibility but can also significantly increase your home’s market value. It’s an investment that pays dividends in both quality of life and future resale potential.

    Safety is our top priority. Our lifts are equipped with the latest in safety technology, including emergency stop buttons, battery backup systems, and secure door mechanisms. Plus, each lift comes with a phone for 24/7 support, ensuring you’re always connected and safe, no matter the time of day.

    We pride ourselves on our efficient and clean installation process. Our team works diligently to minimise disruption, ensuring a quick and seamless integration of your new lift into your home with little impact on your daily life.

    Velocity Home Lifts are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming 30-40% less energy than traditional hydraulic lifts. A single trip in our lifts uses less power than boiling a kettle, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for your home mobility needs.

    Yes, personalisation is key. We offer a range of customisable options, from interior finishes to door styles, allowing you to match your lift to your home’s aesthetic perfectly.

    Regular servicing is crucial to maintain your lift’s optimal performance and safety standards. We recommend annual check-ups to ensure everything runs smoothly, providing peace of mind and extending your lift’s lifespan.

    Yes, both our lifts come with a remote control operation, adding an extra layer of convenience and accessibility. In addition to the traditional call buttons, you can choose to have a remote controller that allows you to summon the lift from anywhere within range. This thoughtful feature provides enhanced independence, enabling you to operate the lift remotely based on your mobility needs.

    Selecting the right lift is all about matching your specific needs and home structure. For those looking into retrofits, our Iconic lift integrates beautifully with existing spaces, offering elegance and versatility. If you’re considering renovations or building a home, the Compass lift, proudly Australian-made, is tailored for such projects. Each lift has its unique strengths, so let’s explore your requirements to find your perfect match.

    Certainly. We offer a range of stylish finish options and accessories so you can personalise the look of your Compass lift to complement your home’s aesthetic perfectly. You can choose from different door styles, including the option for left or right-hand door opening to suit your space. Interior fixtures like handrails and lighting are also customisable to match your design preferences.

    The Compass operates on regular household power but also includes a backup battery system. This ensures uninterrupted service, even during power outages, for reliable mobility around the clock.

    With the Compass lifts innovative self-supporting structure, major renovations are not required for installation. Unlike conventional lifts requiring costly concrete shaft constructions, the Compass can be seamlessly integrated into your home with minimal structural modifications.


    Our lifts are designed with space efficiency in mind. Whether you have a compact living space or a sprawling residence, we have options that can be tailored to fit your home’s specific dimensions and layout.


Each specification is designed for optimal performance, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and seamless integration into your home.



Lift System


Electric Roped Drive



0.25 m/s


Travel Limitation

Up to 7.300m / 3 Levels




300kg or 340kg

Internal Lift Car Height



Pit Depth



Power Supply

240v Single Phase / 20amp


Cabin Features

Lift Colour

RAL 7035


Vision Panels

4mm Acrylic

10mm Acrylic

Rear Side Panels

RAL 7042

Mirror / Custom


Grey Anti-slip Vinyl

Marble or Oak effect vinyl, or Custom

LED Lighting


Colour Changing

Door Handrail



Cabin Handrail


Yes (RAL 7035), with or without controls

Custom Finish


Price on request



Full Automatic


Door Operation

Semi-automatic (door closer)


Emergency Telephone






In-cabin Self Rescue

Door lock override/Gravity decent


Quick & Easy Installation

12 Weeks

8 Weeks

Warranty (Motor, Gearbox)

25-Year Warranty¹



12 Months Labour, 24 Months Parts

7 Years