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Written by James Garrett • May 22nd, 2024

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When considering the addition of a lift to your home, the choice between hydraulic and electric models is significant. Both have their merits, but for many modern homeowners, electric lifts, particularly those that exemplify cutting-edge technology like our Compass model, offer a range of benefits that can’t be overlooked. Let’s review the differences and see why an electric lift might be the perfect choice for your home.

Technical Specifications and Performance

Electric Lifts:

Our Compass electric lift features an advanced Electric Roped Drive system, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride. Operating at a speed of 0.25 m/s and capable of servicing up to three levels with a maximum travel height of 7.300 meters, it’s designed for efficiency and comfort. The standard model supports up to 250 kg, with options to increase capacity to 300 kg or even 340 kg for those needing a bit more robustness.

Hydraulic Lifts:

Typically, hydraulic lifts use a fluid-driven mechanism which can be slower and less smooth compared to the roped drive of electric lifts. They also require more space due to the necessary machine room and often have limitations on travel height and speed.

Installation and Space Requirements

Electric Lifts: 

The Compass is notable not just for its performance but also for its ease of installation. With a minimal pit depth requirement of 120 mm (with an option to reduce this to 80 mm), and a requirement for only a 240v single-phase 20amp power supply, it fits seamlessly into existing homes without significant restructuring. The installation process can be completed in as little as 8 weeks for urgent requirements.

Hydraulic Lifts:

Hydraulic systems typically require deeper pits and more extensive installation work, which can be disruptive and more costly. The need for a machine room adds to the complexity, requiring additional space and potentially altering the design of your home.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Electric Lifts: 

The Compass lift is not only fast and reliable but also energy-efficient. Operating on a standard 240v power supply, it consumes less energy than hydraulic systems, which require constant pressure to maintain fluid flow. This efficiency translates to lower operating costs and a smaller carbon footprint—important considerations for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Hydraulic Lifts:

The energy consumption for hydraulic lifts is generally higher due to the inefficiencies of hydraulic systems. Additionally, the risk of hydraulic fluid leaks poses an environmental hazard, potentially leading to costly clean-ups and soil contamination.

Safety and Reliability

Electric Lifts: Safety is paramount in the design of the Compass lift. It comes equipped with full automatic controls, a semi-automatic door operation with an option for powered doors, an emergency telephone, and an alarm system. Most critically, it features an in-cabin self-rescue mechanism that allows passengers to safely exit the lift in the case of a power outage.

Hydraulic Lifts:

While generally safe, hydraulic lifts can be dependent on external rescue operations in power outage situations due to their reliance on hydraulic systems that cannot operate without power.

Warranty and Long-Term Value

Electric Lifts:

The Compass electric lift offers a remarkable 25-year warranty on its motor and gearbox, with 12 months of labour and 24 months of parts coverage as standard. An extended warranty option provides additional peace of mind with up to 7 years of parts warranty. These terms reflect our confidence in the reliability and longevity of our product.

Hydraulic Lifts:

Warranties for hydraulic lifts are typically shorter, reflecting the higher maintenance needs and potential for more frequent repairs.

Our Verdict

Choosing the right lift for your home involves weighing the benefits of each type against your specific needs. The Compass electric lift from Velocity Home Lifts represents a blend of advanced technology, superior design, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Its ease of installation, energy efficiency, safety features, and strong warranty make it an excellent choice for homeowners looking to enhance the accessibility and value of their homes.

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